Mobile App Manual

Cashees mobile app allows users to purchase goods at various offline-events and receive them without a queue.

The application is available for download:

Registration and authentication

Registration in Casheers

To register, the user needs to provide their full name, date of birth and phone number on the application start screen:

Registration screen

Next, the user needs to enter a confirmation code, which will be sent to the entered phone number:

Confirmation code entering

Next, you need to create a PIN code consisting of 6 digits and repeat it on the next screen:

Login in app

For login the app, use the previously created password or biometric login (Face ID/Touch ID for iOS-devices and Fingerprint for Android-devices), if this function was enabled.

Password recovery

Restoring access occurs on the login screen. To do this, tap on the link “I forgot my password” and enter your phone number:

Password recovery screen

After requesting a password reset, we will send you an SMS with a confirmation code. Enter this code on the next screen. Please note that you have three attempts to enter the verification code. If you enter the wrong code three times, your account will be locked and can only be unlocked via support:

Phone number confirmation screen

After entering the verification code, you will need to create a new pin code and repeat it:

Event main screen and actions

After logging, you will be taken to the main screen of the app with a list of available events. Choose any event by tapping on it to get inside:

Events list

You are now on the event screen. Almost all actions such as pucrhase, payment, top up, etc. are committed here:

Event main screen

The top bar contains the navigation button “Back”, Shopping Cart, Notifications, User Profile and the logout button:

Top bar

Below is a block with the current balance and a balance refresh button. You can update your balance display by tapping on the round button to the right of the balance amount:

Balance block and balance update button

Below are the main action buttons:

Balnce top up in the current event
List of invoices for payment and issue of goods
Catalof of goods in the current event
Offline payment for goods and services
Linking a bank card for withdrawal
Withdrawal of funds from the balance of the current event
Money transfer to another Casheers user
Favorites goods in current event
History of transactions in current event

Main actions

Top Up

To credit funds to the balance, go to the Top Up section from event main screen:

Top Up: payment methods

On this screen, you need to select the type of payment methods which you want to make a deposit. At the moment, Casheers can top up the balance via ATM or cashier, via QR-payment and directly from a bank card.

After you select a payment method (for example, online banking), you need to specify a payment system:

Top Up: bank list

And then specify the top up amount. The system will indicate the amount of the commission, the minimum amount and other restrictions depending on the payment system you have chosen:

Then you need to confirm the transaction (it differs for different payment systems) and after confirmation you will receive an electronic receipt with top up details:

Success Top Up

Shop and purchase

To start shopping and purchase goods, go to the Shop section from event main screen:

Shop main screen

You will be taken to the main screen of the Shop. This screen shows the goods you can purchase at the event. Goods are divided by categories. You can choose quantity of purchased goods by tapping on the image of any good:

Shop main screen

By tapping on the good’s title, you will be taken to a good’s screen:

Good’s screen

This screen contains detailed information about the good, a large image, good’s rating, status (In stock/Out of stock), and button to add the good to the shopping cart with the ability to specify the quantity. After adding a good, the title of this button will change from “ADD TO CART” to “GO TO CART” and you can go to the shopping cart by tapping on this button again.

To place an order, you need to go to the shopping cart (from the top bar or good’s screen) and start the purchase process:

Shopping cart

The shopping cart will list all added goods, the total amount of the order and the CHECKOUT button. After clickintapping on this button, you will be taken to the order confirmation screen:

Checkout screen

The total amount, the list of goods and the PAY button will also be indicated on this screen. After paying you will get invoice with “Paid” status, which contains a list of purchased goods, total amount and QR-code:

Paid invoice

This invoice (and all other invoices) is located in the INVOICES section on the main screen of the event:

Invoices list

Depending on the status of the invoice (Issued/Partially issued/Rejected), the list of products will be colored in different colors:

Then you need to get your purchase physically (at the sales counter) by showing the QR-code from the paid invoice. After all goods are issued, the invoice status changes to “Complete”:

Complete invoice

Withdraw and card linking

To withdraw funds, user must first link a bank account to his Casheers profile in Link section on main screen:

Link screen

You must specify an various name of the account to be linked, select a bank and enter the account number in this bank. After successfully linking you will see a message about this:

Successful linking

After linking a bank account simply enter the required withdrawal amount to withdraw funds (Withdrawal section on main screen):

Withdrawal screen

The linked bank account will be listed by default. If you have linked few accounts, you can select the one you need. Limits will be indicated under the withdrawal amount field: minimum and maximum amounts. After tapping on OK, you will be taken to the withdrawal confirmation screen:

Withdrawal confirmation screen

After confirming the transaction, you will see a message about the successful withdrawal:

Successful withdrawal

If the withdrawn amount exceeds the balance, the app will warn you about this and the withdrawal will not be made:

Withdrawal attention


You can transfer funds to another Cashiers client via our mobile app. You can get to this section from the main screen of the event. To make a transfer, you need to select a recipient and specify the transfer amount:

Transfer screen

Recipient can be added by phone number or via QR-code:

Adding a reciever

After adding the recipient and transfer amount, the transaction must be confirmed on the next screen:

Transfer confirmation

After confirming the transaction, you will see a message about the successful transfer:

Transfer complete


You can add different types of financial transactions to your favorites: withdrawal, transfer and replenishment. To do this, on the screen with a successful transaction, tap on the “Save” button, give the transaction a name and save it:

The list of saved transactions is located in the “Favorites” section on the main screen of the event:

Favorites list


This section contains the history of all your financial transactions: payment for orders, transfers, withdrawals and balance top-ups:

History screen

To view detailed information about a transaction, simply tap on any of them:

Transaction details

Scan QR

This section can be accessed from the main app menu (tab bar). Here you can scan the QR-code to add an event or another Casheers user as a friend. You can use your phone’s camera to scan or upload an image from your gallery:

Scan QR via phone’s camera

Also, you can generate your personal QR-code so that another user can scan it. In addition, you can share your QR-code in messengers or other communication apps.

My QR screen

Offline Pay

If for some reason you cannot connect to the network, you can still pay for goods and services via Casheers. To do this, go to the “Offline pay” section from the main event screen, enter the payment amount and generate a QR-code.

This code will be scanned at the point of sale and if your balance is sufficient, you will get your item. Later you will find detailed information about this operation in the “History” section.


You can go to the Profile section from the top bar:

The profile contains basic information about the user: full name, photo, phone number, user ID and profile level:

User profile

You can copy the id or phone number by long tapping on the line with this data:

Copying user data

The profile level determines the limits on transfers: the higher the level, the more money user can transfer to another user. To increase the level, user must go through the identity verification procedure by providing personal data: an identity document, address, citizenship, etc:

Profile verification

All transmitted data is stored in encrypted form and is not transferred to third parties!